Vito Eme is a Chilean-Swedish hiphop and reggaeton artist. He has performed in clubs around Europe and at big festivals, and in Chile he’s flexed his muscles at some of the biggest clubs, including El Huevo and Club Bucarest during his tour 07/08. He is independent and collaborates with artists worldwide. He is currently working on the next two singles to complete a trilogy as part of his solo project.
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fredag 18 november 2011

Featured on: Compilado N°9 Reggae - Dancehall Chileno

I just found one of my tracks where i am the featuring artist this time.
"Zinsemijah Crew ft Vito Eme - Amor Natural". Produced by my former producer "David Landolf", that sold gold with he's very first release after him been working and developing a sound together with me, big ups!

Big ups to Http:// for the compilation, Boom!

Tracklist for the compilation:
1.- Digital Dread - Real
2.- Gondwana - Could you be loved
3.- Zion dread - Pensando en ti
4.- Boomer - Reggae-la
5.- El tiempo - Rey monoJam

6.- Kitra - Estado
7.- Manifiesto - No problem company
8.- Zona Ganjah - En Zion mi Anhelo
9.- Gondwana - Pequeña Dama
10.- Digital Dread - Dime love
11.- Zonah Ganjah - No estes triste
12.- Polo Isses- No es necesario
13.- Oskr-t - Es tan simple
14.- Rastabambata - Redención
15.- Ezequiel - Dios la entrego
16.- Oskr-t - Love 4 ada
17.- Balaguero - Desde El Dia Que Te Vi
18.- Zinsemijah crew - Sudamérica el templo (feat. Don jamez)
19.- Zinsemijah crew - Amor natural (feat. Vito Eme)
20.- 12 Tribus - Súbete
21.- UltraSonidos Crew - Amor eterno
22.- Negro sambo - Fumale
23.- Wjotapanguilef - Natural revolution-x
24.- Boomer - Tomando el mando
25.- Cresposalem - Reggae Cultural
26.- Conciencia Yo & Yo - Enciende
27.- Conciencia Yo & Yo - Intentaron

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