Vito Eme is a Chilean-Swedish hiphop and reggaeton artist. He has performed in clubs around Europe and at big festivals, and in Chile he’s flexed his muscles at some of the biggest clubs, including El Huevo and Club Bucarest during his tour 07/08. He is independent and collaborates with artists worldwide. He is currently working on the next two singles to complete a trilogy as part of his solo project.
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fredag 11 november 2011

European Remix Ft Vito Eme & Crossfire by Kreone

Kreone my brother in law in Chile, asked me to come up with an European Remix, and guess what? Who's a better featuring than Crossfire and Vito Eme living in Sweden/Europe and also from Chile to do it?!
This monster Remix on "Violento" is coming out on November 23.
Produced by: Chino G "Galactik musik"

Check out the official video for the tune by Kreone:

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