Vito Eme is a Chilean-Swedish hiphop and reggaeton artist. He has performed in clubs around Europe and at big festivals, and in Chile he’s flexed his muscles at some of the biggest clubs, including El Huevo and Club Bucarest during his tour 07/08. He is independent and collaborates with artists worldwide. He is currently working on the next two singles to complete a trilogy as part of his solo project.
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måndag 29 augusti 2011


Whaaat's good everybody? im home working on my promo game... Ive been working 15-18 hours a day mostly all days since 2 weeks, i can't complain i decided by myself to be a big internacional star so i gotta live up to my goals.

I was out on the net and found this from Rap Chile, a mixtape im on where i feats on "Natural Stereo - Ayer y Hoy" the remix.


01._De2krudoskuad – Coheficiente Rap [Dj Keizen & Houston Beat]
02._Sevicia Mental_ Nada Me Apura
03._Narmelaza Ft. Arivela – Cueste Lo Que Cueste
(Coprod. Baseh – Emeakasy)
04.- Haypod – Perseverante con RoswellandB ( Prod X Chino G )
05.- JPG ft. MC Paso & Tinteronegro – A mi manera
06._Sait – Yo lucho
07._Mc Spoke – Mi Himno
08._Natural Zona – Soy Adicto (Prod.Zenck)
09._Esencia Feat Ierre & Loosho – Prendiendo el Fuego
10._Santo Rap – Basta de Juegos
11._Agnostiko ft. zikko mc – Union sin Frontera.
(Prod. Pp2records)
12._Natural Stereo – Ayer y Hoy (Remix)
[Cepuntozeta - Vito Eme - Loko Serek - El Marciano - Eternal]

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