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tisdag 6 oktober 2009

It's Been A Busy Day...

Today i got up kinda late, shiiiet!!!
I was tired as fuuuuckt, when i woked up!!!
Didn't wan't to get up at all!


A quick shower, and then i had to hook up with "Charlie",
to give him the key to my studio.
He were about to have a session with "Lazee".
And then in to city, to Plaza Maria.

There i linked up with Bucc, for a meeting at his crib.
We talked about my music-video and singel "Overdose Ft Eboi",
produced by Crown & K-One!

We camed out with some nice ideas, we talked about how to take the video to the next level! Some nice ideas that were presented for Mirus film.
They liked our ideas and that meeting went even better then expected!
I appreciate all the understanding and beliving that my people are showing!

I think it's about time for ME,
to step up MY game even MORE!!!
From the way of clothing, he way of talking, thinking and everything!
Gotta step up, and show even more of the artist in me!
So, expect to see MORE, and a better ME!

After the meetings, i had to go to Skrapan.
Levi's store called me, they told me that they had the jackets i wanted to see.
I went over to Levi Store and found one that i liked!
So, i told them to hold the jacket. Tomorrow i go and buy it!!!
Shiiet is gettin cold, i can tell that ;)

Now back to the studio, to check whutt's poppin!
I see Charlie recording Mr Lazee that voicing a nice beat.
That dude knows how to flow!!!
Shiiet is Craaazy!

Well, that was some about my day!
BTW, don't forget to check my new track High Grade.
From Dj Rooftops "Blue & Yellow Print 3 Mixtape".
High Grade feats Rigo, Advance & Danjah! It's MUUURDER!!!!
That track, camed out as the most played tune from the Mixtape.

There ya also finds the rest of the mixtape for free streaming!
Bless up! And have a nice listening!


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