Vito Eme is a Chilean-Swedish hiphop and reggaeton artist. He has performed in clubs around Europe and at big festivals, and in Chile he’s flexed his muscles at some of the biggest clubs, including El Huevo and Club Bucarest during his tour 07/08. He is independent and collaborates with artists worldwide. He is currently working on the next two singles to complete a trilogy as part of his solo project.
For more info or contact mail at: VITOEME@GMAIL.COM

tisdag 15 september 2009


Waaarrup peeps? All good? Big Shieeet poppin ova here, i can tell that!!!
Today is a big day for me, Yeeessuir im cellebrating the opening off my new blog, designed by my boi "HGNF" and the release of my new single "OVERDOSE FT EBOI", produced by my dawgs, Mr Crown & Keione, Thanks for a BIIG MUURDER BEAT!

You all know whut it is, and if you don't, i tell ya once again, OVER-DO-DOOOOSE!!!

You can download the track exclusive @ &
Thanks a lot to ya both for the luv and support, Let's do thiiiiis!

EYO! Eboi!!! Ya know whut it is riiight? its fuckin crazy, muuurder!!!
Holla atcha boi and bless urself up, im ooout celebrating, lost in Stocktizzy :)
Just kidding with ya'll, hahaha i wish i could, its a lot of work...

The fun starts NOW, Piiiz out!

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